3 Insider Tips to Help You Improve Your Australian Vacation Experience

Have you found yourself in need of a change of scenery? Traveling through Australia is a great experience, but one that can quickly turn sour for a number of reasons. Everything from staying in the worst possible hotel room to spending outside of your budget can ruin the experience. Luckily, the right insider tips can make your vacation a more enjoyable experience. Book a Room with a View Australian accommodations often boast 'rooms with a view', but that doesn't mean every room offers the greatest view. [Read More]

How can motel owners go the extra mile for their guests?

There are many reasons why a person might choose to stay in a motel. Perhaps they are on holiday with family and need an affordable place to stay. Maybe they are on a business trip out of a town and need a no-frills place to rest their head for an evening. Whatever the reason for staying in a motel, a huge part of the motel experience depends on the attitude and professionalism of the motel owner and staff. [Read More]

4 Benefits of City Hotels

Staying at a hotel on a business trip or holiday can be a nice change of pace. While planning your stay, you need to decide what type of hotel you want for the duration of your stay. Here are the top four benefits of staying in a city hotel that you may not have already considered. City Hotels Are Closer to Everything A business traveler definitely needs to be close to business, and that's exactly where you will be at a city hotel. [Read More]