How to Set a Price for Your Boutique Accomodation

As a boutique hotel owner it can be hard to know if you've managed to achieve the best possible room rate to maximise your return on your hotel while also making sure your customers come back fo future vists. Here are our tips to making sure you've got your pricing right. Check your availability The first and probably most important indication of whether your prices are right is whether you achieve maximum occupancy. [Read More]

Vacationing In Australia? Three Places Where Themed Motels Are Part Of The Fun

If you vacation in one of these three Australian locales, you'll find themed motels that put you in the mood to explore the area. It's all part of the fun! Manly Beach, New South Wales Manly Beach, New South Wales, is all about the waves, the sand and all those beautiful people enjoying the outdoors. Motels in Manly Beach have embraced this lifestyle, some offering balconies with dynamic ocean views, airy rooms decorated with bold colours and handy kitchenettes. [Read More]

How to Get the Locals Interested in Your New Pub

The pub is a noble and time-honoured tradition, yet for a variety of reasons (many tied to recent economic troubles), Australia is seeing more and more of its most well-established pubs go out of business. The would-be pub owner of the future will have to navigate bureaucratic and economic troubles, but most important he will need to win over the local community—the bedrock of any pub's ultimate success. Unlike in a bar, a pub's core customer base aren't the youngsters who just turn up in anonymous hordes on Friday and Saturday to down some shots and move on—it's the members of the local area. [Read More]

Last Minute Wedding Venue Ideas

You planned your wedding months in advance. Unfortunately sometimes there are things you can't plan. The rainy weather might ruin your perfect outdoor wedding venue. Your reception venue might close down. Luckily for you, your wedding day does not need to be ruined if you can't have your first choice of wedding venues. There are always alternatives! Here are some ideas if you need to book a last minute function venue. [Read More]