Top Contemplations Before Booking a Powered Caravan Site for Your Camping Trip

Powered caravan sites are a popular choice for campers travelling in a caravan. If you are musing on the idea of checking into one of these facilities on your next camping trip, then you should know that not all sites are the same. Powered caravan sites vary by size, location, features, available amenities and costs. 

Be sure to consider the following factors before booking a powered caravan site for your camping.

Location of the site 

What do you think would be the ideal environment for your camping trip? Do you want a site located on hard ground adjacent to the beach or one that is located in lush grassy sites? Well, your choice should be largely influenced by the type of activities that you intend to take part in during the camping trip. If surfing or ocean kayaking is your thing, then a coastal location is an obvious destination. If you are the adventurous type who loves hiking, rock climbing, valley crossing, rappelling, etc., then you may consider heading to a remote camping site located somewhere in the outbacks.

Size of the site

The amount of space available at your preferred caravan site also matters. Some sites are only spacious enough for you to park your caravan, while others offer extra space for you to even pitch a tent outside. In determining how much space you need at your caravan site, consider how much of your indoor living you will need to take outside. For example, will you need to cook outside or you have everything you need to prepare your meals inside? Also assess your need for outdoor space, for example, if you will need to have night time barbecues. 

Your budget

Money is often an issue when you are planning for a camping trip. The cost of staying at a powered caravan site is generally higher than that of checking into an un-powered site, but it also varies depending on the time of the year it is. If you want to go camping during the weekends or holidays when business is booming at the caravan site facilities, you should be ready to pay more. But if you are a price-savvy individual working with a tight budget, it might be best for you to go for your trip during the off-peak period. Typically, this is on the weekdays when most people are working, and before or after the holiday seasons.