How To Save On Motel Accommodation

Going on a vacation or road trip does not have to be very expensive. You can reduce the overall cost of your trip in many ways. This article discusses how you can save on the cost of motel accommodation.

Choose Your Timing Wisely

Many hotels and motels offer very generous discounts during off-peak seasons. If your schedule is flexible, consider travelling when most people are not travelling to the area where you would like to go. For instance, some coastal resort areas attract very few visitors during the winter so providers of accommodation in those areas normally offer discounts to their patrons during this time. Take advantage of such discounts and your accommodation costs will reduce by a significant margin.

Consider Bundled Services

It may be cheaper to book accommodation at a motel if you got a rental car through them as well. This is because such a motel will see you as a valued customer who should be given incentives to purchase more of the services that they offer. Therefore, as you make your travel plans, find a way to get all the services you need in a bundle so that you enjoy lower rates for each of the services you pay for.

Find Out What The Offer Includes And Doesn't Include

You can save significant amounts from your total accommodation bill if you call the motel directly and inquire about what they offer as well as any promotions that you could take advantage of. For instance, you may discover that one motel offers free Wi-Fi to its guests while another motel that charges the same rate does not offer free internet access. You may also learn that patrons who book online pay a lower rate than those who call in to make their booking so make that call to the motel and find out how to benefit from the different promotions or special rates that they offer.

Frequent The Same Motel

Regular customers usually get preferential rates so tap into this possibility by patronising the same motel each time you travel. The management will get to know you and they may grant you a lower rate as a loyal customer.

You will make some monetary savings on your accommodation if you implement the advice above each time you travel. Those savings will make your trips more affordable and you will be able to schedule more vacations or road trips. For more information, contact a motel at your preferred destination, such as Motel Travelway.