How can motel owners go the extra mile for their guests?

There are many reasons why a person might choose to stay in a motel. Perhaps they are on holiday with family and need an affordable place to stay. Maybe they are on a business trip out of a town and need a no-frills place to rest their head for an evening. Whatever the reason for staying in a motel, a huge part of the motel experience depends on the attitude and professionalism of the motel owner and staff. When a motel owner goes the extra mile for their patrons, a one-time stay can turn into many return visits. As a motel owner, what can you do to go the extra mile for your guests?

Remember names. Remembering somebody's name is a simple courtesy that doesn't take a whole lot of effort on the part of motel staff. If you take the attitude that the guests staying at your motel are people and not just numbers, a whole lot of positive things will fall into place, such as remembering the names of guests and those guests experiencing a more pleasant stay as a result. And when you remember the names of guests, this will trickle down into the working ethos of your staff too, ensuring that your guests feel comfortable from the moment they walk through the motel doors until their check-out.

Hire an on-site handyman. Attention to detail is key in so many areas of life, and when staying in a motel, it is the details that can truly make the difference between an average stay and a stay that inspires return visits from your guests. It's only natural that sometimes your motel will experience inconveniences such as air conditioners breaking down and bathroom tiles removing themselves from the wall. How you respond to these kinds of inconveniences is key. If you invest in an on-site handyman, these kinds of issues can be addressed straight away so that your guests can feel as comfortable as possible in their motel room and communal spaces. This is preferable to calling out for a handyman once or twice a week, as your gusts won't have to live with broken heaters and flickering lights at all, making them far more likely to return to your motel.

Invest in flowers. Every motel owner that cares about the well-being of their guests should invest in freshly cut flowers every day. Seeing flowers has an immediate impact upon happiness, and this reaction is universal amongst people of all ages.  A great motel space should be uplifting and positive and there is no easier way of creating this kind of positive space than with fresh flowers each day. Visit your local florists and pick out statement flowers that make you feel good - there is a great chance they will make your guests feel the same way.

By following this advice, you can make real connections with your guests and boost the profits of your motel, such as Burswood Lodge, at the same time.