Last Minute Wedding Venue Ideas

You planned your wedding months in advance. Unfortunately sometimes there are things you can't plan. The rainy weather might ruin your perfect outdoor wedding venue. Your reception venue might close down. Luckily for you, your wedding day does not need to be ruined if you can't have your first choice of wedding venues. There are always alternatives! Here are some ideas if you need to book a last minute function venue.


Restaurants can make ideal reception venues, as they can provide the catering and arrange furniture for you. Keep in mind how many guests you are expecting to determine if a particular restaurant is a suitable reception venue for your wedding. Restaurants may not have room for dancing, but if dancing is part of your dream wedding reception you may have an option: after everyone has finished eating, push the tables and chairs to the sides of the room to make a dance floor area.

Local Club

Local sports clubs (think bowling clubs and golf clubs) can be transformed into pleasant wedding reception venues. They often have catering in-house and bar facilities, and can seat many people as well as having a dedicated dance area. Many sports clubs have a function room suitable for weddings, or you may be able to reserve the whole clubhouse for the night. These club venues may also provide opportunities for entertaining activities (barefoot bowling, anyone?) and the outdoor settings may also serve as beautiful wedding photo shoot locations. Take a look at the clubs near your ceremony venue to find a suitable reception venue.

Your Backyard

If you run out of venue options, you can always hold your wedding reception in your own backyard (or the yard of a relative or friend). If you have a friend who has a beautiful, spacious yard, now is the time to ask for a favour! You can provide catering and seating yourself or hire a caterer and lawn furniture for the evening. You will also need to think about toilets (hire a port-a-loo if need be), music (hire an amplification system, or hire a live band or DJ), and other factors that make up your dream wedding. Backyard weddings require a bit of extra work but can pull together as beautiful venues if you are in need of a last minute venue.

Do not stress if you find yourself without a wedding venue at the last minute! There are always options, such as a last minute booking at a restaurant or local club, or using your backyard (or the yard of a friend). Wherever you hold your wedding, it will be a perfect day. For more information, contact several different function venues, such as Norwood House Motel.