How To Save On Motel Accommodation

Going on a vacation or road trip does not have to be very expensive. You can reduce the overall cost of your trip in many ways. This article discusses how you can save on the cost of motel accommodation. Choose Your Timing Wisely Many hotels and motels offer very generous discounts during off-peak seasons. If your schedule is flexible, consider travelling when most people are not travelling to the area where you would like to go. [Read More]

Easier Family Holidays: Tips & Tricks to Make Travelling Smoother

While it can be scary to take the kids on a trip away, it's well worth it to get to share the experience of discovering a new place as a family. If you are looking to travel to a new destination as a family here are some tips to make the trip easy for everyone. Order a serviced apartment Consider how many bedrooms you have at home, and find a serviced apartment with the same number of bedrooms, especially if you have some older and younger children. [Read More]